Planning A Summer Marriage In The Hills

With the summer months coming up in Australia and related regions, many couples are planning to get hitched in the holiday months. While most occasions have already been planned, there are certain instances when you might be making last moment changes and need a venue that is close to your city. If you are in a city like Adelaide, you would be in luck as the Adelaide hill region has several scenic destinations to offer.

  • Up on the lofty ranges
    The lofty ranges are the premier or the hill tops to be at if you wish to get spectacular views of the surrounding and an exclusive destination like none other. There are several wineries that are located in and around the low lying hills here, but the lofty range offers some wonderful views and places. If you are in luck you could find the perfect outdoor wedding venues Adelaide here.
  • Vineyard marriages
    This is probably the most idyllic summer wedding theme that you could have. If you have not already booked a place, you might still find one of the fifty wineries available for a wedding to be hosted. The wine region in the Adelaide Hills is one of the oldest in the country and it is said to produce the best wines of the cool climate variety. Whether you plan to have a wine tasting special weekend here or a wedding with the best wine in the country to serve, vineyards here are usually high in demand for wedding venues in the summer.
  • Unique town nuptials
    Even if the wineries and popular hillside retreats are all booked in advance, you could explore quaint and off beat locations that can be found in the many towns in this region. There is an old world charm in many of the towns here and unique old houses that are often given out for functions and bookings. With a bit of imagination and information that you could source from the internet, you can find a place that is unique, has a wonderful location and a rustic charm that would prove ideal for a dreamy, romantic wedding venue in the summer. These are some of the ways you could discover wedding venue possibilities in the Adelaide Hills region. Even though many places are booked in advance, you could still find a novel place and a unique way to plan your special day. One way to get started would be to look at the different properties and accommodation facilities popular in this area.