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Different Options Of Student Housing

Different options of student housing

Whenever any student joins any university and if they have come from another city or country. Then the first problem they have to overcome is to find the right accommodation for themselves. Finding the right accommodation is very important for every student as they want to have a comfortable and peaceful place to live and study. But the first thing you have to decide about selecting student housing is what will be the option that is suitable for you. There are many options available for student housing in perth, each option comes with its pros and cons. Everyone has various preferences when they selecting the accommodation.

University accommodation:

This is usually the most preferred choice for most of the students. Usually, the university offers accommodation on campus. Every big university like Sydney University offers its accommodation. The usyd accommodation comes with its benefits like you will be living among the students of the same university. You will have all the university’s facilities on campus. Specially usyd accommodation comes it is with its perks like sports complex, libraries, research centres or theatres nearby. Here you can spend more time on your studies and research. If you are a student who likes to be focused on their education and needs less diversion, then this is the best option for them. There are some reasons that student generally not get to live in university accommodation. For example, university accommodation is limited especially in the case of usyd accommodation where the waiting list is long and not all students can get accommodation. Also, when you live in university accommodation then you have to follow strict rules and regulation, you have limited privacy.


Hostels were and are still a popular choice for student housing. The hostels have the advantage as they are easily available as compared to university accommodation and they can accommodate a higher number of students. Also, they are perfect for boarding and lodging because of the economies of scale. The hostels offer all the basic facilities to their occupants and also provide the facility of food. But the hostels, also allow limited privacy and usually the hostels provide very minimal space to live. Not every hostel offers quality living to their residents.

Student apartments:

The student apartments have become very popular among the students. This has become one of the most convenient option to live. There are many benefits to living in apartments. Multiple people can share the apartment, this will make this option economical for the residents. They can share the rent, utilities and other expenses. Also, this provides complete independence as they can have the freedom of living as their wish. But usually, the student apartment is not near to the universities and not a single person can afford all the expense of apartments.